_EQ consultations

Empathic leadership, team building, service design, and innovation.


We design empathy training games that heighten sensitivity and communication strategy between every member of your team.

  • Target different kinds of emotional intelligence.

  • Embolden empathic perception.

  • Cultivate Introspection.

  • Elevate EQ choice making by understanding the potential of individualism and equality.


Research shows that the best leaders are empathic leaders. Yet empathy is often the weakest muscle because empathy, much like vulnerability, can be perceived as weakness.

Growing empathy is not a team strategy. It’s a level up on your life experience contributing to the authenticity of those around you. The intention of permanent personal growth results in the company’s natural thriving.

  • This leadership-based training comprised of fun and interesting exercises strengthens your EQ muscle by sharpening both perception and intuition.

  • You’ll learn the kind of communication that forges foundational bonds of trust.

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Your market listens when you understand the difference between how it lives and it wants to live. Learn to speak the language of your market’s interests while integrating company values.

  • Learn how empathy can define every moment of your customer experience.

  • Calibrate all of your points of contact, both physical and digital, to map out increased communication awareness.

  • Through frequency, tone, and content, empathic service design distinguishes you and creates customer appreciation that increases your value.


What if an innovative idea benefitted the company and increased the level of joy in your professional satisfaction?

  • In this workshop, learn how to expand capacity to ideate and produce disruptively, while aligning your team’s values.

  • We begin with a guide to introspective creative thinking.

  • Then in 7 steps we generate experience campaigns with measurable effectiveness.

  • Last, we identify and explore steps required to produce and market such a campaign.

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As all our workshops are tailored to your company, we’d like to first meet you to explore your goals and challenges.

To schedule an introduction, send us a message.